Dry Caustic & Aluminum Sewer Opener


A white granular heavy duty drain opener containing aluminum granules and caustic soda. It is designed for digesting organic matter such as food, hair, fats, grease, lint and hard water soap deposits and will not harm drain pipes, septic tanks or cesspools. Contains additives which suspend and prevent formation of hard caking soap when caustic is added to greases and fats in drains. Cleaning action begins as soon as product combines with cold water, generating heat and agitation.

Technical Information

Appearance: White Granule Odor: Strong alkaline
Emulsification: Rapid Stability: Stable If Kept Dry
Alkalinity: High pH: 14
Flash Point: None


Diameter of Sewer or Drain Amount to add per foot of line between point of application and blockage.
12 inches 5 pounds
8 inches 2 pounds
6 inches 1 pound

To unclog drains: remove as much water as possible. Add product and let stand for 30 minutes. Severe clogging may require several applications or an overnight dwell time. Care should be used when applying. Only cold water should be added after crystals have been placed in drain or pipe. Never add to drains containing hot water. Do not pre dissolve. Do not use on chrome. Do not smoke or use around open flame.

Material Safety

Safe on iron, steel, stainless steel and ceramic. Do not use on aluminum, galvanized material or in garbage disposals. Store in dry cool area. Do not expose to moisture. Do not premix with water. Caution: corrosive, contains caustic soda. Use extreme care when handling. Do not get on skin or eyes. Do not breath dust. In case of eye contact flush with cool water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention. For skin contact flush with water. Releases hydrogen gases when reacting with water. Keep out of reach of children.

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