Liquid Ice Melter II


Water solution of calcium chloride which will melt ice and prevent formation on all surfaces.

Technical Information

Appearance: Clear Liquid Solubility: 100%
Flash Point: None Odor: Mild
Density: 10.8 Lbs./Gal. pH Level: 7
Stability: Good Rinsing: Complete


Use at full strength. To dispense use garden pump sprayer or compressed air sprayer and dispense a coarse spray stream. To prevent the formation of ice, use 1 gallon per 3,300 square feet. Use more when there is a chance of freezing rain. To remove ice, use 1 gallon per 550 square feet. More may be needed if ice or snow is greater than 1/2 inch.

Material Safety

Avoid contact with aluminium, plants and fabrics. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not breath mist.

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