Emulsifiable Cutting Oil


A general purpose coolant for use in all types of grinding and machining operations. It is compatible with ferrous metals, contains anti foaming agents and furnishes cleaning action for wheel and machine tools. Corrosive inhibitors are added to protect steel, copper and brass.

Technical Information

Appearance: Brown Clear Liquid Solubility: Emulisifable
Density: 8.0 Lbs./Gal. pH Level: 10.2
Odor: Mild Solvent Foaming: Some
Flash Point: >200oF Stability: Stable
Rust Protection: Excellent


Recommended dilution is 1 part cutting oil to 60 parts of water. Ratio can be increased depending on water quality and level of cutting and grinding action.

Product Safety

Mildly Alkaline Liquid. Do not take internally. Avoid contact to skin, eyes or clothing. If contact with skin or eyes occurs flush with water for 15 minutes. Wash hands well after using product.

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