Safety Solvent #1 - P


An all purpose, chlorinated safety solvent and degreaser. Can be used in cleaning and degreasing electrical instruments, automotive parts and related equipment.  Does not deplete the ozone layer.

Technical Information

Appearance: Colorless Liquid Odor: Mild
Solubility: Insoluble Stability: Stable
Density: 13.5 Lbs./Gal. pH: N/A
Evaporation: Complete Flash Point: None
Toxicity: Medium, requires breathing apparatus when large amounts are used. TWA (OSHA) 25ppm (8hr.)


Works rapidly for general maintenance and cleaning jobs including auto equipment, telephone parts, office equipment, business machines, appliances, printing presses and equipment, immersion of electronic or mechanical parts. Can also be used on silicone and wax molds, spot cleaning grease, wood , paper, cloth, and fresh paint overspray. Safety Solvent #1 - P is ready to use from the container. Apply by wiping on , soaking or brushing.

Material Safety

Not safe on oxygen systems. Soaking may affect plastic, elastomeric, and insulation materials. Safety Solvent #1 - P contains Tetrachloroethylene. Keep product out of reach of children. Avoid breathing vapor and use product only when proper ventilation is available. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with material. Keep container closed when not in use. Store in cool place. Do not use around open flames, chlorinated solvents produce toxic gases when ignited or burned. Vent drum before opening, contents may be under pressure.

Used Safety Solvent #1 - P must be disposed of by an approved solvent recycling service company.

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