Section 3 - Deodorant Products

 (click on the name of the product for a technical data sheet)


Bonny John Deodorant A water-soluble formulation designed to clean, inhibit and mask odors in portable toilets, holding tanks and mobile units. Will keep system clean with a fresh cherry odor.
Cherry Chlorozene Cherry Chlorozene is a concentrated liquid masking agent that effectively overcomes strong odors.
Cherry Deodorant Granules Absorbing granules will pick up liquid spills and deodorize the area.
Cherry Odor Control Cherry Odor Control is a concentrated liquid masking agent that overcomes strong disagreeable odors.
Drip Fluid A Drip Fluid designed for use in fragrance dispensers to eliminate odors in confined areas.
Kennel Klean Kennel Klean is a combination of surfactants, disinfectants and deodorizers used to clean and deodorize kennel surfaces.
Odor Kill  
Odor Kill - Plus  
Odor Mask Concentrated liquid masking agent that effectively and thoroughly overcomes bad odors
Odordichlorozene An odor control formulation based on orthodichlorobenzene for deodorizing sewage, grease and waste.
Smoke Odor Control Removes smoke odors due to fire by absorption and neutralization. Will penetrate hard to reach areas.


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