Section 6 - Specialized Cleaning and Maintenance Products

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Miscellaneous Cleaning and Maintenance Products

Aircraft Cleaner A concentrated liquid which will penetrate and loosen soils on all types of aircraft surfaces.
Beer Line Cleaner A concentrated liquid for use in cleaning beer and beverage lines.  Keeps lines free of build up and beer stone.   Economical, biodegradable, fast acting, contains no phosphates, easy to use.
Boat Cleaner

For cleaning boat hulls made of aluminum, fiberglass and wood.

Boiler Treatment A clear, concentrated liquid.  It is a general purpose formulated boiler water treatment for use in steam boilers operating up to 150 psig.
Ceiling Tile Cleaner A two part in place system for cleaning and brightening acoustic ceiling tiles.  Product is mixed and spray applied and allowed to dry.
Dust Control Use to control dust on dirt roads, construction sites and parking lots.
Floor and Wall - All Purpose Cleaner A granular powder which produces high suds cleaning action.
Freezer Floor Cleaner This product is designed to clean freezer floors while still cold.
Fuel Oil Conditioner Dissolves and prevents sludge, absorbs moisture and keeps system clean.  Keeps tanks, lines, nozzles and strainers in top operating condition.  Also for use in storage tanks, oil burners, oil heaters, kerosene stoves and diesel engines.
Goo, Glue & Gum Remover Removes gum, glue and other sticky stuff using a strong naturally occurring solvent that is biodegradable.
Service Cart Wash with Added Brighteners Used to clean and brighten service carts on site at stores. Cleans metal, controls rust.
Snow Plow Wax Keeps snow from sticking to plows and can be used on mowers to keep grass cuttings from sticking to blades.
Tracing Dye A strong aniline dye for tracing the flow patterns of liquids in sewers.
Wood Deck Cleaner Dry formula when dissolved in water cleans and brightens wooden deck surfaces in minutes.


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