Concrete & Garage Floor Cleaner


A 100% active blend of powdered cleaning agents which quickly remove dirt, grease and oils stains from all concrete surfaces. Can be used in cleaning concrete surfaces in industrial plants, garages, new and used car lots, parking areas, driveways and sidewalks.

Technical Information

Appearance: Granular Powder Foaming:Abundant
Odor:None pH:9.2
Biodegradable: Yes, All Surfactants Phosphates:6.2 As "P"
Emulsification: Complete Rinsing:Excellent
Chemical Composition: Alkaline Builders, Water Softening Agents, and Synthetic Detergents. Wetting Ability:Excellent


Clean surface by sprinkling powder on floor that has been pre-wet. Allow to stand for a few minutes while agitating with a broom or deck brush then flush with water. For best results, scrape off caked up dirt and grease from floor before using product. Allow a dwell time of 2 to 7 minutes depending on the amount of dirt built up on area to be cleaned.

Material Safety

Contains Alkaline material. Do not get on eyes, on skin or clothing. Avoid breathing dust when making solutions. Do not take internally. When handling, making solutions or steam cleaning wear goggles or face shields. When making solutions, add compound to water slowly and stir thoroughly. In case of contact with skin: flush with water . For contact with eyes: Flush with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention. When steam cleaning use adequate ventilation so operator is not inhaling vapors continuously.

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