Car Wash N’ Wax


Car Wash N’ Wax is a 100% biodegradable, highly concentrated wax type car shampoo. It contains no phosphates and is non-polluting, non-streaking and is safe on most surfaces. It gives excellent foaming and brush lubrication in brush type car washes. No streaking after rinsing and will not dissolve wax or polish, nor will it harm the finish.

Technical Information

Appearance: Viscous Liquid Solubility: 100%
Biodegradability: Yes Odor: Mild
Density: 8.6 Lbs./Gal. pH Level: 8.5
Emulsification: Excellent Rinsing: Complete
Flash Point: None Stability: Good
Foaming: Copious Wetting Ability: Excellent


Fill an open head 55 gallon drum one quarter full with water. Pour 5 gallons of Car Wash N’ Wax into the drum and fill with high pressure water. After concentrate and water have been added to drum, stir vigorously to ensure solution is mixed thoroughly. Use in system as you would any other detergent. For hand washing, use 4 ounces per gallon. Foam shower usage: Mix 200:1 then enter into system. Recommended dilution may vary according to local water conditions.

Material Safety

When used as directed, has no detrimental effect on painted surfaces, bare metal, glass, rubber or vinyl surfaces. Be sure to read and understand Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) regarding this product. Do not take internally. Wash hands after prolonged contact with solution. For accidental eye contact, flush with water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

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