Section 1 - Automotive Maintenance Products

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Car Wash - Dry A water soluble powder for exterior washing of cars and trucks in either hand or automatic systems.
Car Wash N' Wax A 100% biodegradable, highly concentrated car shampoo containing wax.
Engine Degreaser When mixed with kerosene or safety solvent, this degreaser will penetrate and dissolve grease and oil from metal and other surfaces, and will rinse off with water.
General Purpose Cleaner An all purpose ready – to – use cleaner for cleaning vinyl, aluminum siding, gutters, industrial equipment, concrete, truck and bus fleets and vehicle engines.
Heavy Duty Vehicle Cleaner A strong alkaline cleaner for industrial cleaning of cars, trucks, and large machinery.
Hi Foam Body Cleanser A high pressure body cleaner that washes away all dirt from vehicle surfaces.
One Step Truck Wash Superior cleaning from a cost effective water soluble low temperature product.
Parts Cleaner Removes oil, grease, and other hydrocarbon materials from automotive, railroad and electronic equipment.
Power Wash An all purpose cleaner effective on glass, aluminum window frames, aluminum wheels, cars, trucks, mobile homes.
Radiator Cleaner A tank-type radiator cleaner with heavy duty alkaline cleaning capability.
Rug & Upholstery Cleaner A blend of detergents effective for the removal of soils and stains commonly found in carpets and upholstery.
Truck Wash Brightener A clear liquid which contains inorganic acids and surface active agents that are specifically blended into a stable, highly active concentrate for the cleaning and brightening tractors and tractor trailers.
Vehicle Wash A high performance general purpose vehicle washing liquid concentrate.
Wheel Brite RTU A ready to use cleaner containing inorganic acids and surface active ingredients for cleaning automotive wheels.
Whitewall Cleaner A concentrated white-side-wall tire cleaner which can be diluted with up to three parts of water.

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