Radiator Cleaner


A highly alkaline accelerated tank - type radiator cleaner for use with good heavy duty alkaline cleaning capabilities. For use in automotive repair shops for boil out in radiator overhaul. Contains a unique combination of accelerators - not a simple caustic soda stripper. A complete product - nothing else to add. Fast acting. Contains surfactants and penetrating agents to provide good cleaning as well as paint strippers. Free flowing, non-dusty and 100% soluble. Chemically balanced for long life. Free rinsing.

Technical Information

Appearance: Granular Powder Flashpoint: None
Odor: None pH:14
Biodegradable: Yes Solubility: 100%
Stability: Stable to Boiling Temperature Rinsing: Complete


Mild steel, stainless steel, and cast iron are all suitable. Radiator Boil-Out Compound: Excellent for cleaning disassembled automotive radiators of grease, scale, and other contaminants normally incurred during usage. Generally, radiators should be boiled in an 8 to 12 oz./gal. solution at time varying from 1/2 to 3 hours, depending upon the condition of the radiator. After cleaning, the radiators should be thoroughly rinsed with water to remove all traces of cleaner. In making use solutions tank should be 3/4 filled with water and, preferably, warmed to about 120oF. Then spread as evenly as possible over the entire water surface with agitation sufficient to prevent any appreciable build - up of the product on the bottom of the tank. Lack of care in this regard can result in violent and extremely hazardous boil over the tank.

Material Safety

Corrosive, protect skin and eyes. Use gloves, goggles, and water proof rain gear. Do not take internally. Do not mix with other chemicals. Keep container closed when not in use.

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