Muriatic Concrete Cleaner


An inhibited hydrochloric acid solution that can be used to remove rust and scale from concrete boilers, cooling towers and ferrous surfaces with maximum speed and efficiency. Use for removing mortar streaks from new brick. Contains an effective inhibitor to minimize attack on ferrous metals. Not safe on Aluminum, Zinc, or Stainless Steel.

Technical Information

Appearance: Yellow or Brown Liquid Odor: Acute Acid
Solubility: Complete Stability: Stable
Density: 9.09 Lbs./Gal. pH: <1
Flash Point: None


Etching Concrete Floors & Bricks: Dilute 15 to 1 with water and spray over areas to be treated or cleaned. Rinse well.

Rust Removal: Dilute 20 to 1 with water

Cleaning Masonry: Dilute 20 to 1 with water.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning: Pour 2 ounces into toilet bowl. Be sure to clean under rims with a bowl swab. Always flush the surface with clean water after using an acid solution in any application.

Material Safety

Danger: Corrosive Contains: Hydrochloric Acid

Can cause severe burns to skin, eyes, and internal organs. For industrial use only by trained personnel. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing. Do not take internally. Protective clothing such as goggles, face mask, rain suit, and rubber gloves must be worn. Check gloves to insure no pin holes are present. Contact with diluted material cleaner may not cause immediate pain, redness, or burning until several minutes have elapsed.

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