Section 2 - Concrete And Masonry Maintenance Products

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Concrete Acrylic Emulsion Seal A water based sealer suitable for multiple uses. Can be used on marble, slate, terrazzo, quarry tile and concrete.
Concrete Anti - Spall A mixture containing linseed oil and mineral spirits for protecting concrete surfaces during the winter freeze and thaw cycles.
Concrete & Garage Floor Cleaner A 100% active blend of powdered cleaning agents which quickly remove dirt, grease and oil stains from concrete surfaces.
Concrete Rejuvenator Water soluble formulation, which will seal, harden and strengthen concrete and mortar to reverse and prevent deterioration and inhibit reinforcing steel corrosion.
Floor Degreaser A concentrated water rinsable oil and grease solvent and emulsifier.
Muriatic Acid An inhibited hydrochloric acid solution that can be used to remove rust and scale from concrete and ferrous surfaces.


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