Air Conditioner Cleaner


Air Conditioner Cleaner is a heavy duty air conditioning coil cleaner concentrate. It is non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-toxic. It aids in the prevention of dust, dirt and solids that build up in and on the cooling coils. It also inhibits odor formation in filters.

Technical Information

Appearance: Pink Liquid Solubility: 100%
Solids: 10.9% Odor: Mild
Density: 8.5 Lbs./Gal. pH Level: 9
Rust Protection: Inhibited Rinsability: Excellent
Stability: Good Flash Point: None


Dilute 1 part Air Conditioner Cleaner with 3 parts water and spray directly onto fins and coils. A portable hand pump sprayer will do an effective job. Allow the diluted material to remain on the coils and fins for five minutes, then rinse with clean water. The same dilution can be used in dip tanks for cleaning permanent type filters. Follow dipping with a thorough rinsing in clean water. Air Conditioner Cleaner can also be used as a general purpose cleaner for walls, woodwork, furniture and windows.

Material Safety

Avoid contact with eyes and skin and breathing of spray mist.

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