Section 4 - Custodial and General Maintenance Products

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10% Acid Bowl Cleaner A ready to use formulation that is designed to remove stubborn stains, scale and scum.
20% Acid Bowl Cleaner A more concentrated formulation that is designed to remove stubborn stains, scale and scum.
Air Conditioner Cleaner A non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-toxic, heavy duty air conditioner coil cleaning concentrate.
All Purpose Pink Plus A strong, concentrated detergent which penetrates to give quick dirt pick up and soil removal.
All Purpose Bathroom Cleaner Contains no abrasives or acid.  It is an excellent remover of dulling soap, lime and organic residue and leaves a sparkling crystal clean surface.
B 103 with Lemon A lemon fresh, strong and highly concentrated detergent.
Butyl Cleaner Plus A grease and grime cutter that can be sprayed or mopped on and wiped off.
Ceramic Tile Cleaner A detergent containing special cleaners to remove lime, soap and rust deposits.
Citrus Cleaner A concentrated biodegradable citrus cleaner and degreaser.
Concentrated Window Cleaner Cleans without streaking or hazing, cuts through heavy soil and grease, polishes and reduces static build up.
H.D. Phosphoric Bowl Cleaner Designed to lift and remove soils such as lime, soap and rust deposits from restroom fixtures, sinks, bathtubs, and ceramic tiles.   Eliminates accumulations of rust and lime deposits and grout encrustations.
Heavy Duty Cleaner Plus A strong, highly concentrated detergent. It contains no harsh acids or abrasives and meets biodegradability standards.
Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner Plus A blend of emulsifiers formulated with sufficient alkalinity to blast dirt from the surface.
High Suds Rug Shampoo A blend of synthetic detergents effective in the removal of soils and stains commonly found in carpets.
Neutral Cleaner A highly active but mild liquid cleaner concentrate for general purpose cleaning.
Neutral Cleaner Citrus A general purpose scrub soap with a citrus odor for cleaning all types of floors, woodwork, walls and windows.
Orange Emulsion Degreaser A concentrated oil and grease solvent and emulsifier based on a natural citrus solvent.
Pine Scented Soap Plus A very reliable cleaner with the scent of pine.
Purple Plus A highly concentrated all purpose cleaner and detergent that is strong enough to handle tough cleaning jobs.
Sand, Silt and Mud Remover A non toxic formulation designed to promote the coagulation and settling of silt and sludge from streams, ponds and sewage treatment plants.
SPW 40 A non-hazardous, all purpose cleaner.   Can be used on floors, walls, vehicles, glass and any other surfaces not normally harmed by water.
Steam Cleaning Compound A heavy duty cleaning compound composed of surface active agents and mild alkaline builders designed for pressure washers and steam cleaners.
Super Water Wetter A specifically formulated blend of non-ionic wetting agents designed to increase water surface wetting. Will improve water and pesticide penetration.
TR - 144 Carpet Extraction Concentrate Contains outstanding anti - redeposition properties, pH neutral, phosphate and bleach free, excellent cleaning efficiency, very low foaming, allergen reducing, improves indoor air quality, biodegradable and contains dirt shield.
Wax Stripper Ammoniated Plus A biodegradable heavy duty cleaner that economically dissolves and removes wax, dirt, grease and grime from all surfaces.
Wax Stripper Plus A fast and easy solution for removal of old floor wax and finish build up.
Window Cleaner-Ready to Use A sparkling blue window cleaner that is economical and easy to use. There is no film left behind to catch dirt so surface stays clean for a longer period of time.


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