Laundry Detergent


A powdered detergent concentrate containing a blend of surfactants to give superior cleaning when used both on cotton and synthetic fabrics. Contains soil suspending agents, alkaline builders and optical brighteners. Can be used either alone or with bleach.

Technical Information

Appearance: Granular Powder Foaming:Abundant
Odor:None pH:9.2
Biodegradable: Yes, All Surfactants Phosphates:6.2 As "P"
Emulsification: Complete Rinsing:Excellent
Chemical Composition: Alkaline Builders, Water Softening Agents, and Synthetic Detergents. Wetting Ability:Excellent


Can be used in either top load or front load equipment. Dry or liquid bleach may also be used.

Concentration: For normal soils use 1/2 to 1 pound per 100 pounds of clothes to be cleaned. Use more Laundry Detergent in hard water areas or heavily soiled articles.

Temperature: Can be used at room temperature (75oF.)or hot (160oF). For best results do not exceed 170oF.

Laundry Detergent does an excellent job of removing normal soils and stains, however heavy stains such as blood, milk and baby formula may require the use of an additional bleach, bleach cycle or bleach soak.

Material Safety

Do not use on natural silk or wool. Can be used safely on cotton, cotton blends and synthetic fabrics.

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