Section 5 - Kitchen and Personal Products

 (click on the name of the product for a technical data sheet)

Blaze An all purpose, USDA approved, cleaner and degreaser.
Body Shampoo An all – in – one shampoo and body soap. Gentle on the skin, free rinsing, biodegradable, and pH balanced.
Bottle Wash A heavy duty alkaline cleaner designed for the removal of hard water deposits.
Dish Detergent - Pot and Pan Cleaner An ideal product for industrial and institutional hand cleaning  where performance and economy are required.
H.D. Kitchen Cleaner/Degreaser A powerful grease and grime cutter designed to clean all types of surfaces which are not sensitive to strong alkali.
Hand Dish Detergent A granular powder which produces high suds regardless of water hardness.
Hygenic Liquid Hand Soap Has sparkling clarity even when diluted with hard water.  Strict quality control ensures the smooth emmoilency and fresh clean odor.  Can be used in office buildings, schools, and textile mills.
Laundry Detergent A powdered detergent concentrate containing a blend of surfactants to give superior cleaning when used on cotton or synthetic fabrics.
Liquid Almond Hand Soap Produced from cochin coconut oil, it is ready for dispenser use, lathers freely, is soothing to the skin and also contains lanolin to prevent chapping.
Liquid Hand Soap Clear, all purpose hand soap for use in dispensers.
Liquid Oven Cleaner Effective for the removal of baked-on fats, greases, carbon deposits and other soils normally found in ovens.
No Spot Rinse Additive A concentrated liquid rinse additive designed to reduce surface tension of water, provide rapid sheeting, and eliminate spotting and streaking.
Oven Cleaner Jelly Removes burned spots from ovens, rotisseries, grills, fryers, stoves, waffle irons, toasters and surfaces made of iron, chrome, porcelain, ceramic or stainless steel.
Pot & Pan Cleaner A granular powder which produces high suds regardless of water hardness.


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