Section 4 - Custodial and General Maintenance Products

 (click on the name of the product for a technical data sheet)


10% Acid Bowl Cleaner Concentrated Window Cleaner Purple Plus
20% Acid Bowl Cleaner H.D. Phosphoric Bowl Cleaner Sand, Silt and Mud Remover
Air Conditioner Cleaner Heavy Duty Cleaner Plus SPW 40
All Purpose Pink Plus Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner Plus Steam Cleaning Compound
All Purpose Bathroom Cleaner High Suds Rug Shampoo Super Water Wetter
B 103 with Lemon Neutral Cleaner TR - 144 Carpet Extraction Concentrate
Butyl Cleaner Plus Neutral Cleaner Citrus Wax Stripper Ammoniated Plus
Ceramic Tile Cleaner Orange Emulsion Degreaser Wax Stripper Plus
Citrus Cleaner Pine Scented Soap Plus Window Cleaner-Ready to Use



Acrylic Floor Finish  (18% solids) Floor Seal Lemon Silicone Furniture Polish
Acrylic Floor Finish   (25% solids) Gym Floor Finish


Drain Openers

Dry Caustic & Aluminum Sewer Opener Heavy Duty Potash Drain Opener



Antistat Plastic & Vinyl Cleaner Floor Dust Control Liquid Ice Melter II
Dust Mop Oil Treatment Liquid Ice Melter I


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